[Ring Toss] Kid-Friendly Yard Game That Adults Will Love

If you’ve played your fair share of lawn games, then you probably know that a steady and firm throw can go a long way. From hitting your opponent’s cups during a beer pong match to swishing that corn bag down the corn hole, so much as a simple toss can make or break your game.

Ring toss is no exception to this rule. This tossing lawn game is all about nailing that perfect throw to hit any target that stands in your way. Known for its creative variations and kid-friendly nature, ring toss is the perfect way to entertain the little ones during a family reunion. However, don’t let its simple looks fool you. After a few minor tweaks, ring toss is ready to turn up the heat at your adults-only party. So, how about you throw (in this case, literally) the hottest bash on the block?

What You Need to Play Ring Toss

Despite the multiple variations played here and there, ring toss calls for a particular set of tools. And as you’ve probably guessed, this equipment is pretty simple. With just a dozen of rings and some pegs or bottles you keep in your pantry, you can set up a perfectly fine ring toss court for you, your family and friends to play with. If you’re ready to get the ring tossing started, here’s what you’ll need:

  • An X-shaped structure with 5 pegs. Most ring toss structures (like this one) feature point markings which make it easier for you to count the final score.
  • 12 throwing rings of various colors, preferably plastic or rope. If you’re planning on playing ring toss with kids, it’s best to opt for plastic rings. Due to their lightweight, they are easier to throw.

The Basic Rules of Ring Toss

Mostly known for being one of the most popular carnival games, ring toss is surprisingly easy to play. So, despite the differences between the various versions of this lawn game, the goal for each player is the same: Land as many rings as possible around the pegs (or bottles) and score the most points. Of course, the #1 rule of this game is to have tons of fun while playing. So, remember to throw accordingly!

  • Step 1

Divide into teams. Ring toss is played with 2 to 4 players. You can either divide into two 2-member teams or just play solo.

  • Step 2

Assign rings of different color to each player. That way it’s easier to count the score when you and our opponents have thrown all the rings toward the pegs. Also, the players should have the same amount of rings. So, in case of 4 players, each one should get 3 rings, in case of 3 players, each one gets assigned with 4 rings and so on.

  • Step 3

Place the pegs at a certain distance from the throwing point. Since there are no official rules to determine the distance between the players tossing point and the posts (or bottles), the participants are the ones who pinpoint the distance which is usually at 10ft and up. Sometimes players place the structure even further to make the game more challenging. On that note, always remember to situate the structure in proximity when there are kids involved.

  • Step 4

Throw the rings to land them around a peg or the neck of a bottle. Taking turns, all players must toss all their rings.

  • Step 5

Count the score. The scoring system for this outdoor game depends on the equipment you use, and that’s why it varies. In fact, some pre-made structures feature their own scoring system. So, when your ring toss structure comes with an imprinted scoring system, count your points accordingly.

However, in case you play with a DIY version of the game or bottles from your pantry, you can create a customized scoring system. Here’s how it usually goes. A player scores 3 points when a ring lands successfully on a peg/bottle. This shot is also known as a ringer. If none of the players make a ringer in one round, the ring closest to the peg/bottle scores 1 point. If two players land their rings on the same post/bottle, they cancel each other’s points.

  • Step 6

The first player to score 21 points at the completion of a round wins. Keep throwing the rings until one of the players reaches 21 points. The winner usually takes a prize. Some of the most common awards include a glass of soda or an extra round of onion rings.

Sometimes, when you play ring toss using bottles instead of pegs, winners get to keep their contents. That’s, of course, IF they land their rings on them. These bottles could contain anything from water or soda to beer or wine, for adults. So, it’s totally worth it!

2 Ring Toss Variations to Put Some Pep in Your Game

Don’t get us wrong; nothing beats the real thing. But, you can only play a game a few times before you start feeling that there’s not much more you can do, especially if you’ve mastered your moves/skills. Luckily, the following ring toss variations come as a breath of fresh air for those of us who have played the standard version of this game one too many times.

  • Glowing in the Dark

Are you throwing an outdoor night party but still want to enjoy your favorite yard games? Then, the glowing ring toss is a no-brainer. Swap those boring pegs with glowing sticks and the rings with glow stick necklaces and enjoy the company of your friends and family even when the sun sets. Ready to feel a glow (pun intended!) of happiness?

  • Reaching Adulthood

Who said that outdoor games are just for kids? Sometimes adults want in on the fun and ring toss is a great place to start. How come? Besides being super amusing, ring toss is quite versatile, meaning you can actually play around with not just the posts (whether that’s bottles, pegs or glowing sticks) but also the contents of the bottles (when used). So, while “ringing” a bottle of soda sounds exciting, imagine how much cooler your game would be if you replaced them with beer, wine or your favorite adult drinks. So, what would YOU like to “ring” and drink?

Final Thoughts

Suitable for players of all ages, ring toss is one of those outdoor games you just can’t get enough of. Why? Simply because you can adapt it any way you and your guests feel like. Are you hosting a family get-together? Then, the standard version of ring toss is a great fit. Perhaps you want to invite your friends and their kids over for an evening BBQ party. Much to their delight, the glowing ring toss is going to throw some of its “sparks” into the air.

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Or do you actually want to host an adults-only backyard party? Even in this case, ring toss (booze edition) or even ladder toss can do the trick. Either way, this lawn game can bring a smile on everyone’s face and make every single one of your outdoor parties a time to be fondly remembered by.

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