[Dunk Bucket] Crazy-Fun Yard Game to Beat the Heat

Newsflash: Things get really hot in summer. Between the thermometer-busting temperatures and the non-stop sweating, spending those hot summer days by a pool or at the beach playing beer pong or corn hole. seems like the only viable solution to beat the heat. Luckily, for those of us who can’t go for a daily swim, there is another, even funnier, way to stay cool as a cucumber, especially if you have a well-mowed backyard.

Dunk bucket, the not-so-distant distant cousin of the dunk tank, may take this backyard party favorite down a notch in size, but not in fun. After all, who doesn’t love seeing the reactions of friends and family when they get splashed with a bucketful of refreshing H2O? This lawn game is here to keep your head (and the rest of your body) cool this summer, all from the comfort of your backyard.

What You Need to Play Dunk Bucket

While the original dunk tank comes with a handful of safety concerns, the dunk bucket is as safe as houses. That occurs because there is no major dunking involved, meaning you don’t fall straight into the tank and risk various injuries. Instead, the dunk bucket calls for simple materials which are totally harm-free and can keep you, your family and friends safe while playing. Plus, it’s super easy to assemble, making it the perfect choice for spontaneous backyard tournaments. So, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A dunk bucket. You can opt for a DIY version of this construction but it’s rather complicated to set up and requires for certain materials which you may not have in stock.
  • Nylon bean bags. Used to nail the target, these 5” nylon bean bags are somewhat resistant to water, helping you make the less mess possible. However, if you don’t have any bean bags around, you can always opt for a ball.
  • 5 quarts of water. If you want to challenge participants even more and have even more fun, make sure the water is as cold as possible.
  • Some willing participants. One thing is for sure: The hotter the weather, the more “volunteers” you’ll have for that chair.

The Basic Rules of Dunk Bucket

Focusing primarily on fun, the dunk bucket is one of those games that feature little to no rules. After all, who needs rules to tell them how to splash their opponents from head to toe? You just do it! However, if there are kids involved, here are the steps you need to keep in mind for some safe rounds of dunk bucket.

  • Step 1

Place the dunk bucket structure under a flat wooden surface. Since you’re going to pour gallons of water on the same spot, you’d better avoid slippery accidents with a face full of mud by placing a flat wooden surface beneath the dunk bucket structure. This step is especially important if some of the participants are kids.

  • Step 2

Fill the bucket with water. Chances are this bucket won’t be able to hold the water for more than 4-5 minutes at a time. So, instead of filling it manually (which is the most usual thing to do), you can connect a garden hose to the bucket and just open the tap for an easy refill. Word of advice: You are going to need lots of duct tape for this endeavor.

  • Step 3

Split into teams. If you happen to hang out with a crowd, divide into two teams to make the game more interesting.

  • Step 4

Sit the participants of both teams on the chair beneath the bucket. The members of each team must sit under the bucket, taking turns.

  • Step 5

Aim the target with the bean bags. Using the nylon bean bags as your “weapon”, you must hit the target standing at the left side of the dunk bucket. If you hit it hard enough, the water inside the bucket will drench your opponent from head to toe.

  • Step 6

Count the throws. As you throw the bean bags, count the total number of tosses it took for you to hit the target. The team with the fewer throws wins.

2 Safety Measures to Consider When Playing With Kids

As enjoyable as it seems to get wet on a hot summer day, things can take a turn for the worse if certain safety guidelines are ignored, especially when there are kids involved. Unlike adults, children can’t stand the pressure of the water being slpashed all over them. That’s why you, as an adult, need to consider a couple of things before you allow them to sit on the dunk bucket chair.

  • When it’s their turn, make sure the bucket is half full. This way you’ll avoid dunking them in more water than they can handle.
  • Force them to wear shoes at all times. As each dunk is going to add more and more water to the mix, odds are your backyard may become slippery at points. So, it’s best to prevent such falls as much as possible by making them put on their shoes.

Final Thoughts

Buy NowWe can all agree that having a dunk tank in your backyard is not the smartest choice in the world. Aside from the cost, this outdoor game may take up lots of your deck space while also putting some of the participants at risk. So, at the end of the day, we see no reason for anyone to own such equipment.  For a smaller game you could always try ring toss or ladder toss which are equally fun games.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the refreshing and fun memories you can create with your loved ones while playing this game. That’s why the dunk bucket poses as a much safer and cheaper alternative. Plus, it doesn’t take up much of your yard space and is easy to store. So, who’s ready for some splash-tastic throws?

Dunk Bucket

Dunk Bucket







Long Term Interest



  • Fun to play
  • Great for summer time


  • Product is very bulky
  • Dunk tank can be expensive to purchase.
  • May not use as much as other games due to bulkyness and set up hassle.
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