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If you enjoy outdoor games and drinking, Beersbee (Beer Frisbee, polish frisbee, polish horseshoe) is the game for you! There are lots of variations to the game. Watch some of the videos on my Home Page for more examples. The following rules are my favorite.

How To Play BeersBee

What You Will Need

  • 4 players
  • 2 poles
  • 2 empty beer bottles
  • Frisbee
  • Beers or Drinks

Objective of Polish Horseshoe

  • The objective of the game is to knock a beer bottle off the opposing team’s pole either by hitting the pole or hitting the beer bottle. The defenders are trying to prevent the bottle from hitting the ground while at the same time catching the Frisbee.

Setting Up Beersbee

  • Drive 2 posts or pipes into the ground, about 5 feet in height, placed 35 to 40 feet apart.
  • Place an empty beer bottle or can on top of each pole.

How to Play Beersbee

  • Each player must be holding an open beer or drink at all times!
  • Each team of 2 stands behind one of the poles.
  • Each team gets one throw per turn (team members take turns throwing).
  • All players must stay behind their pole.
  • Frisbee must pass or make contact with the bottle and pole before it can be caught.
  • Either team member of the defending team tries to catch the Frisbee.
  • If the Frisbee hits the pole, the defending team tries to catch both the Frisbee and the bottle before the touch the ground.
  • Frisbee must be within a catch able area. No points are awarded if throws are outside the catch able area.
    • Not below “knee high” of the opposing player at the point it crosses the fault line.
    • Not too high so that a jump is needed.
    • Not too far to either side must, be within two steps of the pole.
  • The pole is the fault line. Frisbees caught before breaking this plane are considered goal tending. Defenders cannot attempt to prevent the Frisbee from striking the pole or bottle in front of the pole (fault line).


  • ZERO POINTS if uncatchable throw
  • ONE POINT if a catch-able Frisbee is dropped
  • ONE POINT for hitting the pole or beer bottle
  • ONE POINT if the beer bottle touches the ground
  • ONE POINT for goal tending
  • THREE POINTS if the opposing team drops their beer/drink

EXAMPLE: You can score up to THREE POINTS per normal throw…ONE POINT if the opposing team drops the Frisbee on a catch-able throw, ONE POINT for hitting the pole or beer bottle, ONE POINT if the opposing teams does not catch the beer bottle before it hits the ground.

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  • The first team to exactly 21 points wins!
  • If you go over 21 points, you drop back down to 11 points.

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Long Term Interest



  • Easy setup
  • Fun to play against eachother


  • Not as well known
  • Can be difficult to learn at first
  • Initial start up price can be expensive
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