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This site is a tool for learning about different style games and their rules behind it. Grab a seat, read a bit and learn how to play some of the best games in the world!

Outdoor Party!

Between outdoor games and beach games we will bring every cool game to the table for you.  Burgers, grilled corn on the cob, and the occasional pink lemonade. It’s no secret that food (and drinks) are usually the center of attention when it comes to hosting a backyard bash, but the excitement doesn’t have to end there. In fact, it’s what lies beyond the buffet that can give your otherwise run-of-the-mill backyard gathering a serious upgrade. Ever heard of lawn games?

From a “refreshing” round of dunk bucket to a quick-thinking duel of Polish horseshoes, backyard games are a fun way to beat your guests’ post-meal slump while soaking up the sun and sharing a laugh. Plus, there’s no better way to entertain the guests who arrive early than with a quick cornhole face-off.

Believing that both the young and the young at heart deserve an outlet for their playful ways, Beersbee Party is here to help you find every backyard game in the book and have tons of fun in the meantime. So, whether you want to get the little ones out of the house or just have some fun with your buds and some brewskies, we got you covered. Ready to become a lawn game pro? Then, let the games begin!

Fun Game List

Ring Toss

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Whether you are 6 or 60, ring toss is a crowd pleaser. The traditional version of this lawn game requires little to no skills as all you have to do is throw rings around a peg. While this may not sound that much fun, a few minor tweaks can heat things up in no time. Try replacing the pegs with bottles filled with everyone’s favorite drinks, and you got yourself some major competition, especially if you award the throwers with the content of these bottles. Not only that, but ring toss is beneficial for toddlers and children as it promotes their motor and spatial skills.

Beer Pong

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As the name implies, beer pong is an outdoor drinking game only suitable for adults (of course!). So, you may wanna sit the kids aside for this one. The rules of this lawn game are simple. You throw a ping-pong ball across a table and hope it lands in one of the beer cups on your opponent’s side of the table. The first one to drink all the beer cups loses. This gotta be the funniest way to get drunk, right?


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You, your friends or family, a mallet, some colorful balls and a bunch of strategically placed hoops (or wickets as some people like to call them). That’s croquet, folks! Despite common belief, this backyard game is straightforward. The primary goal is to successfully lead the balls through all the hoops before your opponent beats you to it. With that in mind, you need to make each stroke count. So, critical thinking also plays a significant role in this lawn game. And a word of wisdom: A smooth, dry lawn can make a huge difference.

Frisbee Golf

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Fusing two games which we never thought could be combined, Frisbee golf is a flying disc outdoor game for the whole family to enjoy. This game loosely follows the rules of golf, but instead of using clubs and golf balls, players throw a Frisbee in an attempt to land the disc on an elevated basket, known as the “hole.” The player with the fewer throws wins. May the best Frisbee thrower win!

Blongo Ball (Ladder Toss)

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Consisting of just two components, blongo balls, also known as ladder toss, is a simple yet super-fun backyard game that knows no age limits. For this game, you need to throw a set of bolas toward a ladder-like construction in an attempt to either wrap them around or hang them from the ladder’s rungs. Bolas are a set of balls connected by a string while the ladder consists of three rungs, each awarding you with different points. Ready to get the bolas rolling?


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From time immemorial, playing with horseshoes has been a favorite outdoor pastime. Usually played between two people, this backyard game calls for four horseshoes, two stakes (preferably metal) and a strong arm. The goal of this game is to throw the horseshoes as close as possible to the metal stake in front of you. It sounds simple, right? Well, that’s because it is. However, if you’re feeling a bit competitive, you can always increase the distance between you and the stakes. In that case, whoever said that close only counts in horseshoes never met you and your burning desire to win.

Corn Hole

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Who said corn is just good for your salads and side dishes when you’re having a backyard party? Cornhole is a popular lawn game that revolves around a simple principle: the most skillful pitcher wins. Players or teams take turns throwing 15-ounce fabric bags of corn toward the opponent’s platform in an attempt to swish the bag right down the hole at the end of the platform. Each platform is slightly elevated, allowing corn bags to land on the ground beneath while also forcing the opponent’s bags to slide away from the hole which lies at the top.

Polish Horseshoes (Polish Frisbee or Beersbee)

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What happens when you combine a Frisbee, two empty bottles, two 5-foot sticks, and beer? You’re having the time of your life, that’s what happens! Polish horseshoes is an out-of-the-box lawn game that requires you to knock off the opponent’s bottles to the ground using just one of your hands and a Frisbee. Meanwhile, the other hand is busy holding a cup of beer.

If the opponent catches the bottle before it hits the ground, you lose the round. Then, it’s his/her turn to throw the Frisbee. Despite common belief, Polish horseshoes is not a drinking game. In fact, drinking beer while playing is not necessary. However, it’s highly recommended.


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Due to its casual nature, badminton is considered one of the most family-friendly backyard games out there. The participants, a.k.a. you and your family or friends, can play this lawn game using racquets and specially designed balls, known as shuttlecocks. These specially designed “balls” feature a rocket-like shaft which causes them to slow down more quickly than regular balls. Get a hold of this quirky ball and the backyard badminton trophy is yours!

Bocce Ball

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Also referred to as bocci, bocce ball is a great excuse to spend some time with your friends and family in the great outdoors. This highly competitive game revolves around a small ball, known as the jack. The team or player that lands his/her balls closest to the jack wins. Some consider this lawn game as an outdoor bowling variation.

Flying Disc Slam (Kan Jam)

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While some lawn games rely solely on one’s skills, some others are all about teamwork. That is the case with the latest craze in flying disc lawn games, commonly known as Kan Jam. Despite being relatively new (it was invented in the 80s), the Kan Jam has fans everywhere thanks to its easy set of rules and highly active nature.

According to the game’s rules, two players who are 50 feet apart from each other need to work together in order to deflect a flying disc into a can. One of the most common ways to do so is by “dunking” as in jumping into the air and slamming the disc as fast and hard as possible. So, let’s get jamming!

Lawn Twister

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Who can forget the times when you basically turned into a frustrated human pretzel only to fall heavily onto the ground and burst out laughing moments later? It’s time you took those fun moments to the outdoors with lawn Twister. Just spray-paint your lawn in Twister’s colors (red, yellow, blue and green, give it some time to dry and let the fun begin!

Dunk Bucket

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Wanna cool down on a hot summer day? Then, the dunk bucket is a no-brainier. This original and safer version of the dunk tank we see in fairs and parties is a surefire way to have fun with friends and family while enjoying the sunny weather. Plus, you get to practice your aiming skills. The best part? The hotter the weather, the more people you’ll get to splash.

Final thoughts

It’s obvious that there’s more to an unforgettable backyard gathering than corn dogs, grilled sausages, and sodas. Break the awkward silence or the post-meal slump with a little help from these out-of-the-box lawn games and host an outdoor get-together to be remembered by. These games can also be categorized as the best beach games as well as the best outdoor games.